Join us as we follow the journeys of different Indian American Entrepreneurs, Philanthropists, and Celebrities to explore how they have been successful in their life and businesses. We'll reveal the secrets to their success and also show the struggles and hardships they faced during the process of becoming successful. 


Sheela Murthy_2.jpg

Sheela Murthy

In a land far away from her motherland,
This woman took up the challenge,
To fight for immigrants like herself,
To get a fair chance at life.

Frank Islam_2.jpg

Frank Islam

From a small town called Azamghar in India
To living in a 16 bedroom mansion in Washington DC,
Information Technology Entrepreneur Frank Islam has quite the revolutionary success story.

Suri Sehgal_1.jpg

Suri Sehgal

Enduring the horror of India's Partition at a young age.
Studying at one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.
Realizing the American dream and amassing a fortune, only to give it away.

Maafat Patel_2.jpg

Mafat Patel

In a faraway country, a heart that was longing for home
A hunger that gave birth to an idea
A family that became a workforce
And a small shop that became a multi million dollar empire! 

Sant Chatwal_1.jpg

Sant Chatwal

The Bombay Palace chain of restaurants and the Hampshire Hotels and Resorts are the brainchild of an Indian American hotelier, with a personality as vibrant as his hotels.
He is also the man behind the Indo American nuclear deal.

AJ Khubani 2.jpg

AJ Khubani

The popularity of telemarketing giant TeleBrands almost over-shadow the popularity of the equally giant visionary behind its inception.
Today, telebrands products are found in more than 100 countries and 90 percent of them are found in retail chains

Javad Hasan_3.jpg

Javad Hassan

From an Agricultural family in India to the Digital revolution in America
From having multiple patents in his name to funding fantastic ideas for the future
From being employed by one of the biggest corporations, to empowering some of the poorest farmers
This week, meet Dr. Javad Hasan,