Survive and Thrive

Starting April 15, 2018, Zee TV will begin airing a three-episode series called “Survive and Thrive,” which documents a boot camp for entrepreneurs who want to elevate their companies to the next level.

Entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers like Jesse Itzler, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Kevin Harrington, an original ABC Shark Tank judge, and Susie Carder, of "Motivating the Masses" all come together to inspire and enlighten the entrepreneurs.

The idea was the brain child of legendary entrepreneur Marva Allen. Allen, whose latest project is a social platform and literary hub called Wordeee, is probably best known for guiding the iconic Hue-Man Bookstore to global success, when she joined as majority partner and CEO in 2004. Prior to Hue-Man, Allen was president and a co-owner of USI, a multi-million-dollar technology firm.

She and partners Sachin Narode, of Xeniapp, and David Schreiber, of Club Getaway, “decided to create the conference that we would love to have gone to with Survive and Thrive.”

Now you have a chance to go inside the boot camp through Zee TV's exclusive coverage.

“Survive and Thrive” Begins Sunday, April 15, 2018. Air times below:

ZEE TV USA: 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT

ZEE TV CAN: 5:30pm ET/2:30pm PT